On the road  to cleaner air.

Do your part to reduce vehicle emissions by following these steps.

Check your tires at least once a monthly.  Properly inflated tires will save you money on gas and reduce emissions.

Drive the speed limit & combine errands.  Not only will this make you an efficient driver, but will also save you gas money.

Remove the junk in your trunk.  The junk weighs down your car, making it work harder.

Don't idle.  Skip the drive-thru and park your car.  Idling a vehicle wastes gas.

Consider an alternative fuel vehicle. Hybrids help with fuel economy and have lower emissions than gasoline vehicles.

Smart fueling.  Don't top off your tank when filling up your vehicle.

What's Up

Improving the air we breathe is everyone's business and everyone benefits from the clean air measures we adopt. Access the links below for more information about clean air programs in the region.

Air Quality Health Alert Program: alerts subscribers when ozone levels are expected to be unhealthy.  

Air Quality Stewardship Awards: an annual award by the the Alamo Area Council of Governments that recognizes businesses, agencies, schools, and other organizations whose outstanding voluntary efforts help to reduce air pollution and improve the environment in other ways.   

Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG): provides general technical assistance to member governments in their planning functions, preparation of applications, and the administration of area-wide programs.  

CARE: An emergency ride home program.  

Commute Solutions: promotes alternative commuting methods.  

Drive Clean Across Texas: a statewide initiative that encourages drivers to keep their car in shape and take simple steps that will help keep the air clean.  

NuRide: Get rewards when you walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, take the train, subway, or bus, or work a compressed week.  It's free and easy to do.  

Walk & Roll Challenge: Record you green trips on NuRide and earn chances to win prizes! Challenge your friends and see who can earn the most green rewards!