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Idling Facts to Think About

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Modern cars don't need to idle. Advances in vehicle technology have eliminated much of the need for idling.

Idling is bad for the environment. Gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles represent a major source of air pollution in the San Antonio region.

Air pollution and health. Control and Prevention have linked proximity of vehicle emissions with “the occurrence of airway inflammation and respiratory symptoms such as asthma” among school children.

Green Patrol

Thank you for stopping by the Green Patrol page!  The most important resource available to us is air.  Just because we can’t see air doesn’t make it any less valuable!In the summer of 2012, ground-level ozone rose above the threshold of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) 2008 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in San Antonio. Green Patrol provides your school with an opportunity to educate your students - our future generations - about air pollution and ways in which they can help reduce ground-level ozone.  

What is Green Patrol? Green Patrol is an anti-idling program created by the Alamo Area Council of Governments.  The program was established in this region in 2006 and has served multiple schools from varying districts. 

How does my school benefit from Green Patrol? Children are more vulnerable to air pollution than any other population.  The Green Patrol program promotes cooperation among school staff, bus operators, students, and parents to reduce vehicle emissions around school campuses.

Who can participate in Green Patrol? Green Patrol is designed to be inclusive for all audiences.  Selected students are made Green Patrol Officers, parents are encouraged to sign a "No-Idle Pledge," and a teacher or school nurse runs the program.

Is Green Patrol safe? Safety is the top priority for Green Patrol.  Students designated as Green Patrol Officers are never encouraged to walk up to vehicles waiting outside the school. They are there to remind parents of the pledge they have taken.  We encourage all school participating in the program to have an adult on hand to watch over all participating students.

Looking for Green Patrol/Air Quality material? Check out our other Green Patrol pages for printable material to use with your child or student.